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About Us

Owned & operated for over 35 years by Ed Wasserbeck, former Pro Modified driver.   We build performance engines for drag racing, circle track, pulling trucks, boat racing, and street rods.  With our complete machine shop, we can hone & bore blocks, line hone blocks,  balance cranks, mill heads, do high-performance multi-angle valve jobs, resize rods, fit pistons, weld cracks, assemble motors and dyno test motors, (flow bench – Sam), and numerous other small & large jobs.  With multiple wins & championships from a variety of racing venues,  we are confident we can give you a top-quality product for your racing or performance needs that will help you achieve the winning edge over your competition.

And, with the only dyno in our area that can test motors up to 3000 hp, we can tune it in and make sure your motor is 100% ready for race day.   Experience and quality with the latest machinery on the market are what make us stand out above the average performance machining facility.

Ed Wasserbeck, Owner & Operator
40+ years Experience in Performance Engines and Transmissions

Ed started out racing at 16 years old when he purchased a 1965 Dodge Dart in 1968.  As a teen, he worked on his own motor & transmission program.  He acquired a natural talent for machines working on his family’s dairy farm all through his growing-up years.   He took his car to Marion County International Raceway every weekend and as time went by, he became a force to be reckoned with, winning  5 combined track championships at MCIR and National Trails.   In 1975, while still fully employed at The Marion Power Shovel, Ed opened his own business building racing transmissions & engines.   In 1986, Ed purchased an 86 Camaro and stepped up to the IHRA Top Sportsman class running a 600 inch motor on nitrous.  In, 1988, Ed moved his business 5 miles down the road to where it is today in Prospect, OH.

The IHRA Top Sportsman Quick 32 class formed into IHRA Pro Modified and Ed was one of those first pioneers to debut in this heads-up, exciting & thrilling, class of the fastest door-cars on the planet.  In 1990, Ed went to a blown motor and he never looked back.  He has recorded speeds at 220 mph and ran 6.30’s in the 1/4 mile.  Ed became known as one of the hardest workers in the class, never giving up a pass if he could help it.  While he is no longer a driver in Pro-Modified, he keeps up with all the latest technology and trends out there and spends most of his time doing what he loves…building speed machines.  Speed has always been his passion and he enjoys  giving his customers that same success he has been able to enjoy over the years.  Oh, and he loves to bench-race and treats everyone like an old friend.

Ed Wasserbeck

Ed Wasserbeck


Carson Wasserbeck
25+ Years Experience in Performance Engines

Carson literally grew up from the time he was born around drag racing, as his dad rarely went racing without his best buddy.   Carson has been vital to the racing team and to the business.  He learned by experience gained at the track & in the shop. Today, Carson has a vast knowledge and interest in innovative, high-performance technology & the latest trends in racing and performance.  Carson is a busy guy working full-time for DNV testing oil pipelines used in the ocean for BP, has a wife and 3 boys,  and is currently working on a degree in Engineering.  But, you may see him “moonlighting” in the shop from time-to-time  as this passion for speed seems to run in the family.


Carson Wasserbeck


Sam McCrary
25 Years Experience in Performance Engines

Sam started on the racing team crew with Ed at the age of 8 as he was best-friends with Ed’s oldest son Carson.  Sam grew up 10 miles from Marion County International Raceway and his 1st job was handing out ET tickets at the ticket booth there.   Sam grew up getting to know the ins and outs of drag-racing, and the people who made things happen.  Sam has most recently been involved in crewing and tuning motors at the track and working for teams adjusting clutches and chassis.  In the shop, Sam is the guy who runs the dyno and has many of his own clients who are confident in Sam’s work in machining, assembling, dyno-testing, and tuning their motors.

Sam McCrary

Sam McCrary


Colton Wasserbeck

Our 16 year old son is apprenticing in precision machining and performance motor assembly.  Undoubtedly inherited from his dad, he has a natural gift & enjoyment of not only understanding these processes but also being accurate and precise. We have been very pleased with his progress in all areas of our operation and he plans on nothing less than 100% focus on learning as much as he can in order to be a valuable asset to our family business.

Colton Wasserbeck

Colton Wasserbeck


Michelle Wasserbeck – Shop Secretary

Ed and Michelle celebrate 20 years of marriage this year and 3 children together, Colton 16, Sarah 13, and Kolby 8.  Michelle handles the administrative and office duties at the shop.  She is very involved in her kids’ activities and church.

Michelle Wasserbeck

Michelle Wasserbeck



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