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Ed Wasserbeck

Ed Wasserbeck

Ed started out racing at 16 years old when he purchased a 1965 Dodge Dart in 1968.  As a teen, he worked on his own motor & transmission program.  He acquired a natural talent for machines working on his family’s dairy farm all through his growing-up years.   He took his car to Marion County International Raceway every weekend and as time went by, he became a force to be reckoned with, winning  5 combined track championships at MCIR and National Trails.   In 1975, while still fully employed at The Marion Power Shovel, Ed opened his own business building racing transmissions & engines.   In 1986, Ed purchased an 86 Camaro and stepped up to the IHRA Top Sportsman class running a 600 inch motor on nitrous.  In, 1988, Ed moved his business 5 miles down the road to where it is today in Prospect, OH.

The IHRA Top Sportsman Quick 32 class formed into IHRA Pro Modified and Ed was one of those first pioneers to debut in this heads-up, exciting & thrilling, class of the fastest door-cars on the planet.  In 1990, Ed went to a blown motor and he never looked back.  He has recorded speeds at 220 mph and ran 6.30’s in the 1/4 mile.  Ed became known as one of the hardest workers in the class, never giving up a pass if he could help it.  While he is no longer a driver in Pro-Modified, he keeps up with all the latest technology and trends out there and spends most of his time doing what he loves…building speed machines.  Speed has always been his passion and he enjoys  giving his customers that same success he has been able to enjoy over the years.  Oh, and he loves to bench-race and treats everyone like an old friend.

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