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Fuel System Wet Flow Bench

Fuel System Wet Flow Bench

Our new Fuel System Wet Flow Bench

We’ve worked with SuperFlow Technologies to build one of the most sophisticated flow benches ever.  If it’s Drag Racing, Tractor Pulling, or Sprint Car fuel systems you need help with, we have you covered.

System is capable of repeating an exact engine RPM curve during a lap down the track, if you have Racepak Data we can import your file to duplicate an Engine RPM trace.


  • For Blown engines, system can also duplicate a blower boost curve exactly as the engine sees, tuning an exact Boost versus Fuel Flow curve.
  • For Tractor Pulling or Circle Track applications where part throttle is critical, throttle position is monitored to understand fuel flow from beginning to end of pull or lap.
  • System has three flow meters to monitor pump flow, engine flow, and return flow.  This allows for exact understanding of metering valve settings.
  • Pump inlet and outlet temperatures are monitored along with Pump inlet pressure/vacuum determine if any cavitation is present.
  • Capable of up to 11,000 RPM (5500 RPM pump speed) and flow rates up to 35 GPM.
  • Save track time and engine wear by “dynoing” you fuel system before you hit the track.
  • We stock and are a dealer for Enderle fuel System components.







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