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Welcome – About Us

Welcome – About Us

Owned & operated for over 35 years by Ed Wasserbeck, former Pro Modified driver.   We build performance engines for drag racing, circle track, pulling trucks, boat racing, and street rods.  With our complete machine shop, we can hone & bore blocks, line hone blocks,  balance cranks, mill heads, do high-performance multi-angle valve jobs, resize rods, fit pistons, weld cracks, assemble motors and dyno test motors, (flow bench – sam), and numerous other small & large jobs.   With multiple wins & championships from a variety of racing venues,  we are confident we can give you a top-quality product for your racing or performance needs that will help you achieve the winning edge over your competition.

And, with the only dyno in our area that can test motors up to 3000 hp, we can tune it in and make sure your motor is 100% ready for race day.   Experience and quality with the latest machinery on the market are what make us stand out above the average performance machining facility.

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